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Laboratory Animal Veterinary Technicians Jobs

Interested in advertising with the ALAVTN?  Please inquire about sponsorship or we offer a one month posting for $20.00 per job listing.  If you are interested you can either use the paypal button below or send a check to the address below.  

ALAVTN Sponsorship

Once we have your request and payment, please email the title of the position and the link for the application and you will get a confirmation email asking you to review your add.

  If you have any questions, please email

5008 Oakbrook Drive
Apt. C
Indianapolis, IN 46254

Sponsorship and Employment Adds
Other Amount:

Agriculture/Animal Associate ll Supervisor-MUSC-Charleston, SC-08-15-2019

22742 Veterinary Technician II-DVR-SoBran Bioscience-Poolesville, MD-08-08-2019

22360 Veterinary Technician I (Rodent)-SoBran Bioscience-Bethesda, MD-08-08-2019

22266 Veterinary Technician I (NHP)-DVR-SoBran Bioscience-Bethesda, MD-08-08-2019

22839 Veterinary Technician II-DVR-SoBran Bioscience-Bethesda, MD-08-08-2019

21790 Veterinary Technician II (ICU)-DVR-SoBran Biosciences-Bethesda, MD-08-08-2019

22507 Veterinary Technician III-SoBran Bioscience-NIH-Bethesda, MD-08-08-2019

21445 Veterinary Technician III-SoBran Bioscience-NIH-Bethesda, MD-08-08-2019

Research Specialist ll-Priority One-NIMH-Bethesda, MD-08-02-2019

Surgical Veterinary Technician-Charles Rivers Insourcing Solutions Dept.-Boston, MA-7-25-2019

Veterinary Technician 1 -Charles Rivers- Shrewsbury, MA-7-25-2019

Veterinary Technician 1-Charles Rivers-Ashland, Ohio-7-25-2019

Study Technician 1-Charles Rivers Laboratories-South San Fransisco, CA-7-25-2019

Laboratory Animal Care Supervisor-Charles Rivers Insourcing Solutions-Cambridge, MA-7-24-2019

Veterinary Laboratory Technician 1 #00054162- LSU Health Sciences Center-New Orleans, LA-7-24-2019

Veterinary Technician-DVR Veterinary Resources-University of Miami, Florida -07-19-2019