The Academy of Laboratory Animal Veterinary Technicians and Nurses would like to congratulate our two newest members, Julie Avalos RVT from Cedar Sinai and Deborah Calantropio RVT a private contractor, on passing their specialist exam in Traditional Lab Animal Species Nursing!!

This is a huge accomplishment only made possible by the support of our community at AALAS, ACLAM, ALSAP, NAVTA and the AVMA.


Membership fees will start being charged on January 1, 2019

Dues are delinquent March 1 and if not paid by May 1 membership will be inactivated. Inactive members lose their VTS/VNS status. Their status can be restored if they pay all delinquent and current annual dues plus a fee for reactivation of their membership. The Regents will set the reactivation fee.

Yearly Membership Fees $50.00



Recertification fees will start being charged on January 1, 2023

These fees are collected every 5 years after the receiving your VTS and you meet the CE requirements.  Please click blow for CE requirements 

VTS Renewal CE requirements

Recertification Fees $50.00